Welcome to my Gallery and photo-blog. Here you will find the latest photographs and drawings which I have created / captured / slaved over.

About Me

I am an amateur / hobby photographer and artist who does this for the love of creating beautiful images (and also because of being a Scotsman, is too cheap to buy real art to hang on the walls).
Not having to worry about making images pay, I can concentrate on what speaks to me personally, regardless of commercial interest.

Vital Stats

Age 256 892 hrs
Freckle colour brown
Eye colour mainly white
Favourite film Fuji Velvia
Favourite book paperback

About my photos

I shoot entirely digitally with Canon gear. I like the indoor comforts of studio shooting (and have a range of flash and continuous lighting to allow me these comforts) but have been learning of the beauty to be found outside my own 4 walls. I enjoy photographing everything from tiny insects up to wide sweeping landscapes (which are much harder to fit into the studio) and the only requirement is that I find it somehow interesting.

About my drawings

I’ve been drawing on and off for much longer than I care to remember (or in fact can remember) and it was through my impatience with drawing that I became interested in photography. I draw mainly portraits / figures. I am fascinated with the aesthetic of human beauty, what underlies it, the similarities and differences.

The human brain seems hard-wired to find people everywhere, from the intentions of inanimate¬† objects to the face in a scribble. This makes the work of representing people in art quite easy, the viewer will seek out faces and bodies wherever it can. Once it has found someone, there seems to a secondary instinct to judge the new “person” (like / different, friend / foe, good / bad, attractive / not) and somehow from a few marks on a page, an entire personality with motivations, history and future comes popping out. This all happens autonomously, subconsciously and using hidden assumptions.

Alas, I’m neither a neuroscientist or psychologist, but this phenomenon is fascinating and exploring these unifying and dividing aspects of a purely visual inception is something underlying much of my work.


I do undertake commissions of both photography and drawing. I have my own studio space and equipment for photography and I can draw from either supplied reference photos or I can take specific photos for a drawing. Due to the time taken to complete a drawing (10 – 30 hrs spread over weeks) I generally do not draw from “life”.

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in commissioning a piece, email : graeme@gwhyte.co.uk please include as much information as possible including medium, size, subject, style, any required deadlines.


If you would like to get in touch, please email me : graeme@gwhyte.co.uk