Wilderness Revelation

Wilderness Revelation

The wary travellers set up camp for the night….

Nothing is going to plan.
This is not how is was meant to be.
It was supposed to be easier than this.
Has all this been a wasted journey?
Lives ruined, hell, lives lost, so long on the move.
Not knowing who to trust, trusting no-one.

God, it all seems so stupid now.
We all been so stupid.
How did we end up here?
Here all alone, so far from home.
So far from loved ones.

It’s all pointless.
Such a waste.
How could we be so foolish?

With heads raised to the sky, cries fly out “how could we be so foolish?”

In answer, the clouds part and the stars shine down.
All eyes are drawn skyward in awed silence.
All eyes settle on Pereus — The Hero.

Courage pours down from those distant, ancient, wise and beautiful stars straight into their hearts.

Feeling foolish no more our small heroes break out into another round of laughter and drinking….

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