Charcoal drawing on Bristol Board (33 x 20 cm)

Drawn from reference photo, ~ 15hrs to complete.

I decided to experiment with mixed media: there is a small amount of ink used in some of the darker shadows. When I was working with graphite, I always found the darks to be too light and so occasionally used ink to bring the blacks to a good black (but found the black ink to graphite transition quite difficult) so I thought it might be easier with charcoal given its darker blacks.

Turns out that the ink doesn’t really add to the tone, charcoal can already get very dark blacks. On the down side, the ink adds a little shine to the areas where it has been used (which wasn’t a problem with graphite, since it shines anyway, but is a major distraction with charcoal).

The only place it might be useful is in outlining since you can add a very thin ink line which cannot be erased or smudged.

Live and learn as they say…

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fileModifiedDate 24. October 2010, 10:47
exposureTime 1/40 s
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DateTime 5. June 2010, 20:18
focalLength 70
Height 330
resolution 550x330
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