Another shot from the great fun shoot with Becca and Catherine with a very mischievous looking Becca.

img_8425_1bThis was a bit of late night PhotoShopping after a few beers and even in the cold light of day, I’m not sure whether this is an example of drunken PhotoShopping to horrible extremes or an example of what results can come once inhibitions are lessened!
Hopefully the edits are not too blatantly obvious or horrible — although they might be more obvious in the full length crop (right).

It’s a shame that the square crop is so under-rated, too many images are kept to 4×3 (monitor) or 3×2 (35mm film) crops.

EXIF information
FileSize 144857 bytes
FileDateTime 23-Aug-2016 16:21:05
make Canon
model Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL
fileModifiedDate 22. August 2009, 09:27
exposureTime 1/160 s
fnumber f/4.0
exposure Reserved
isoEquiv 200
DateTime 30. July 2009, 18:02
focalLength 34
Height 800
resolution 800x800
22. August 2009, 09:36 details & comments (0)


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