This won't hurt a bit

This won’t hurt a bit

Here begins the Gummi-saga!

Didn’t you know that Gummi-bears come to life when you’re not looking. A sugary, colourful, xenophobic life. You see gummi-bears come in all sorts of colours – but each colour hates all the others and thinks they should all be culled.

Who knows what goes on in the mind of a Gummi-bear.

I managed to catch this shot by leaving a syringe lying around next to the bears and putting my camera on a timer. I knew the syringe would be too much temptation to resist.

Unfortuntely one Gummi-bear was harmed in the making of this photo – and many others were harmed during the backlash

17. October 2005, 20:43 details & comments (0)


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